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Runs a set of tests to check data.table is working correctly.

Usage = "tests.Rraw", verbose = FALSE, pkg = ".",
                silent = FALSE,
                showProgress = interactive() && !silent,
                testPattern = NULL,
                memtest = Sys.getenv("TEST_DATA_TABLE_MEMTEST", 0),
       = NULL)



Run arbitrary R test script.


TRUE sets options(datatable.verbose=TRUE) for the duration of the tests. This tests there are no errors in the branches that produce the verbose output, and produces a lot of output. The output is normally used for tracing bugs or performance tuning. Tests which specifically test the verbose output is correct (typically looking for an expected substring) always run regardless of this option.


Root directory name under which all package content (ex: DESCRIPTION, src/, R/, inst/ etc..) resides. Used only in dev-mode.


Controls what happens if a test fails. Like silent in try, TRUE causes the error message to be suppressed and FALSE to be returned, otherwise the error is returned.


Output 'Running test <n> ...\r' at the start of each test?


When present, a regular expression tested against the number of each test for inclusion. Useful for running only a small portion of a large test script.


Measure and report memory usage of tests (1:gc before ps, 2:gc after ps) rather than time taken (0) by default. Intended for and tested on Linux. See PR #5515 for more details.

An id for which to print memory usage for every sub id. May be a range of ids.


Runs a series of tests. These can be used to see features and examples of usage, too. Running will tell you the full location of the test file(s) to open.

Setting silent=TRUE sets showProgress=FALSE too, via the default of showProgress.


If all tests were successful, TRUE is returned. Otherwise, see the silent argument above. silent=TRUE is intended for use at the start of production scripts; e.g. stopifnot( to check data.table is passing its own tests before proceeding.

See also


  if (FALSE) {