Vignettes and other documentation


Vignettes from package 'data.table'

data.table::datatable-benchmarking Benchmarking data.table HTML source
data.table::datatable-faq Frequently Asked Questions about data.table HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-importing Importing data.table HTML source
data.table::datatable-intro Introduction to data.table HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-keys-fast-subset Keys and fast binary search based subset HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-programming Programming on data.table HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-reference-semantics Reference semantics HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-reshape Efficient reshaping using data.tables HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-sd-usage Using .SD for Data Analysis HTML source R code
data.table::datatable-secondary-indices-and-auto-indexing Secondary indices and auto indexing HTML source R code